Are You Sure The 2020 Busch Clash Is Over?

Okay, so it’s late Tuesday evening and I’ve just now finished watching this past Sunday’s Busch Clash, won by Erik Jones. Although the actual winner was Mater, as his grandchildren saw more track time than most of the competitors. And I’m pretty sure even though I watched a recording of the race, in real time they’re still cleaning up the carnage.

The good thing about the race was it demonstrated you can indeed pass someone with this year’s packrat track package (can’t really call it restrictor plate package anymore, given how there is no more restrictor plate). The bad thing is packrat racing, like its predecessor, is one butterfly sneeze away from scrap metal city. Sure, it’s exciting. But it’s not racing, and it’s nowhere near the genuine excitement of short track racing. Packrat racing is to stock car racing what autotuned lip-synching choreographed bumping and grinding is to music. It’s flashy, splashy, and utterly vapid eye and ear candy lacking in substance and true soul.

Anyway, kvetching aside the race had its moments apart from the wallbanging bringing on multiple orders of Harvey wallbangers as crews try to embolden themselves as they start piecing their theoretical Daytona 500 backup cars back together. Most of them took place on the last lap, where some deft slicing and dicing enabled Erik Jones (with a definite assist from Denny Hamlin, who probably was far more interested in getting the thing over with than risking a last second daredevil dive for the win) to grab the victory despite a car that looked like it was suffering from a terrible nose cold. Other than that … yup, it was Daytona all right.

On to the Duels … which again I’ll watch on rerun. This darn work thing, lemme tell ya.