No Longer Silent After All These Years

Hi. Remember me? Sorry I’ve been so off and on (mostly off) these past several years, but this past decade — yes, decade — saw me far more often than not used as a rather unwilling cosmic punching bag. During its span I buried my mother and oldest brother, and fought a pernicious strain of depression that was no small contributor to me changing jobs eight times in ten years, half of said address revisions at the suggestion of my employer that I never darken their door again. I’ve partied harder.

Two other factors leading to my not altogether unforced silence have been working most weekends the past several years, thus precluding watching most of the races live. This status, alas, still exists, as one of the built-in joys known to us retail types. I foresee much race watching on digitally recorded delay in my future. Also, much of my original blogging foundation was based on taking potshots at assorted NASCAR MSM types (they occasionally shot back, by the way). This fell by the wayside when, via a couple of different connections, I found myself sitting in the same room with said reporters, working as a reporter myself and doing my best to not geek freak at the ability to ask what had previously been naught but televised images in firesuits questions regarding that weekend’s race which I’d be watching from the press box. It offered a previously unavailable appreciation for how hard reporters work, thus dictating setting aside the snark as an appropriate course of action. That, and it was pretty petty, childish, stupid, and otherwise un-Christlike of me. Besides, there are so few reporters left covering the sport that alienating any of them makes even less sense than before. Also, absurdist comedy is way more fun, which is a roundabout way of saying expect to see a lot more of Billy Bob “Crash” Cruddercup and variations thereof.

Anyway, other intents for the site include being an aggregator for direct sport/team/driver/track/sponsor announcements. The process of making such happen will take a bit as I experiment with site layout and the like; while WordPress has its advantages, it can also be a most recalcitrant beast about such things. That, and I imagine I’ll have to do a fair amount of sweet-talking various PR types that despite whatever legends they may have heard about me – if they’ve heard of me at all, given how long I’ve been out of the loop-de-loop about the roundy-rounds – I do not have the mark of the beast on my forehead and I really am a nice guy who can write a bit. Speaking of such, if anyone wants to hire me as a writer for freelance gigs or a permanent position, let me know.

And so … back to the beginning. As I posted on my first blog post some seventeen years ago (ouch), one man, one voice, one opinion. Consider it as you will.