May The (Lack Of Down)Force Be With You In Atlanta

This weekend, the Cupsters, cable guys, and truckers all congregate at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Because why not.

Atlanta is an oddity in that it’s big, fast, and slicker than an used car salesman who dabbles in insurance on the side running for office. Because it’s not nearly big, fast, and slick enough, NASCAR is rolling out its new aero package for the Sprint Cup cars this weekend. Less downforce! Softer tires! The pace car passing everyone after ten laps as drivers slow to a crawl in order to stay on track! WHOOO! Seriously, I get NASCAR wanting to make it tougher in order to encourage that passing stuff they’ve heard is popular among fans. Here’s hoping they didn’t go too far in the other direction.

Favorites? Let’s see, which active driver refers to being sideways on the track as hitting the sweet spot … oh yeah, Kyle Busch. Although keep an eye out for Rapid Roy the stock car boy, a dirt track demon in his ’57 Chevrolet.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone.