Oops I Missed It Again

Sorry about the lack of updates this weekend; was caught up in workplace issues, not the least of which was climbing onto my employer’s roof yesterday while chasing down a wayward skylight that had blown off a neighboring store in the 40+ MPH wind gusts that permeated the day. Great fun. Anyway, catch up this evening. See you then.

Spanning The Globe To Bring You The Constant Variety Of Something Or Other

As NASCAR dusts off the cobwebs, Clint Bowyer shakes the cobwebs out of his head left over from last night’s Chiefs Super Bowl victory celebration, and everybody who’s anybody (or is at the least trying to become somebody) heads down to Florida who wasn’t there already, a few notes from the few things that are actually going on as the Daytona fortnight commences. And no, kiddies, this doesn’t involve playing Fortnite.

SiriusXM will serve as primary sponsor for Martin Truex Jr. this year in a handful of races. My unimpeachable sources – okay, I made them up – have informed me this agreement comes with several publicly undisclosed nuances, to wit:

— Car will randomly disappear at several points during the race, just like your SiriusXM signal every time a leaf blows by.

— Pit crew will have Howard Stern wigs stapled atop their helmets.

— First 10,000 fans will receive a free life-sized Claire B. Lang bobblehead! Don’t worry, it’ll still fit anywhere.

— Driver/crew radio communications will be available on a limited run channel, the exact channel number changing five times during each race stage.

— All crew members have been strongly cautioned to not accidentally tune into the Grateful Dead channel during the race, thus hopefully avoiding the dreadful error transpiring during a SiriusXM-sponsored race last year when the gas man filled the tank with Sunoco patchouli oil.

In other news, congrats to Christopher Bell on his recent nuptials.

As the cap’n says, stay tuned.

The Nice Guy’s Gone

John Andretti died from colon cancer yesterday. He was 56.

Andretti was one of the nice guys. His racing career lacked the glory of his uncle Mario or first cousin Michael; in 393 Cup starts he won only twice, the final victory coming in 1999. The final years saw him bouncing from team to team. He wasn’t the flashiest or fanciest, and it can be safely argued much of his popularity stemmed from his last name more than any on-track accomplishments.

But he was unarguably a genuinely nice guy.

Genuinely nice guys are distinguishable from self-proclaimed ones by what they do, not how they run their mouths. Andretti raised millions for, ironically, cancer research and treatment for children. His public mention of his own cancer when first diagnosed was done not for gaining sympathy, but to encourage men his age to get the dreaded colonoscopy needed to catch early warnings of problems. Because that’s what nice guys do. They look out for others.

John Andretti’s death won’t garner 1/100th of 1% of the lamentations Kobe Bryant’s has. This is to be expected. Bryant was a universal figure. Andretti was known but to devoted auto racing fans. But he was known, and he was loved.

Rest in glory, John.